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FGE Common Areas

Home Owners’ Association Board Re-Affirms Definition of Common Area

The Forest Glade Estates “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions”, included in your Homeowner Binder, defines “Common Area” in the following way:

1.3 “Common Area” shall mean and refer to Lot #23 as shown on the FGE Street Map and is intended to be devoted to the common use and enjoyment of the owners for other than exclusively residential use. Common Area shall include all facilities, and improvements located within the Common Area, including paving, sidewalks, parking areas, sewers.

Shortly after the filing of this document in March of 1979, the City declared the inter-lot pathways and street islands within our boundaries to be the property of Forest Glade Estates. In response, our then Home Owners Association Board expanded the meaning of the “Common Area” to include those items. The FGE Street Map shows in green the complete “Common Areas” of Forest Glade Estates.

After recent review, the Board has re-affirmed that all other property in our area belongs to the individual lot owner. The owner has responsibility for the appearance and maintenance of moveable, structural, and vegetative material on the lot and is subject to the appropriate City and Forest Glade Estate laws and regulations. In particular, any tree not located in the common area as defined, is the responsibility of the lot owner.